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Binhai hi tech Zone high energy nickel carbon super capacitor battery project to achieve mass production

Tianjin North news: yesterday, is located in the Binhai New Area in the future science and Technology City Ketai can high-power nickel carbon super capacitor battery project formally to achieve mass production. According to reports, the project's 2 automated production lines will be Nissan 200AH high energy nickel carbon super capacitor battery 1800, the annual output will reach 550 thousand, to meet the needs of 800 buses and 3000 car batteries. This year, the project is expected to sales revenue will reach 300 million -5 billion yuan.
Tianjin started the first base"
It is understood, high-power nickel carbon super capacitor battery project operator, Zhongke taineng Technology Development Co., Ltd. is Beijing taineng Group Holdings subsidiaries, since the trial operation in November 2015, just three months on the realization of operating income of 26.62 million yuan, tax paid nearly 300 million yuan.
Elcoteq group vice chairman Zhang Peng told reporters: "production base in Tianjin Ketai currently in the layout of the national production base of 10 first to realize batch production base. Since the founding of the company, and has China Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering research cooperation, carbon supercapacitor developed high energy nickel has made ten patents."
According to reports, in the high-tech zones in the production of high-power nickel carbon super capacitor battery in addition to have high security, charge discharge capacity and energy density higher characteristic, but also adapt to the extreme environment of - 40 DEG to 70 DEG C and in cycle life than currently on the market most of the battery more for a long time. The product in the new energy field of pure electric vehicles as supporting power supply has been widely used, and can be extended to aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power, railway, communication, civil emergency power supply etc..
For the benefit of the innovation and development of Beijing and Tianjin
Reporter in the interview was informed that, in addition to the production, research and development of high-power nickel carbon super capacitor battery, this year Ketai can group and State Grid reached a cooperation, joint research and development of construction energy storage type intelligent charging facilities. "Energy storage intelligent charging facilities can be at night with low peak power storage and in the daytime peak electricity use storage electric to charging for new energy cars and other electric device, cut a peak to fill the valley and reduce energy consumption." Zhang Peng said.
According to the briefing, in the near future of imipenem group will be in Beijing and Tianjin period to carry out the storage type intelligent charging station construction work is expected before the end of the year will be in Tianjin built 3-5 charging station and put into operation.
According to Zhang Peng, "with China to increase the intensity of the energy supply side reforms, Ketai can also gradually changing the mode of development, in the process of product output no longer rely solely on the selling batteries, but will business model to broaden to battery leasing industry in by leasing model product output and basic service output. The future, Tianjin production base will be the depth of exploration of this innovative output mode, provide new ideas for new energy industry."


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